We help client translate intent into
action and measurable results.

We help client translate intent into
action and measurable results.

We help client translate intent into action and measurable results.

“No battle plan,” said 19th century military strategist Helmuth von Moltke, “survives first contact with the enemy.” Many a business strategy has also been dashed on the rocks of reality of changing markets, internal power bases and conflicting priorities. Translating strategy into action and results is often the most challenging part of the ‘know, plan, act, renew’ cycle. Corporate inertia is incredibly difficult to break. Firms that fail to manage this decline gently (and sometimes not so gently) until the point is reached where they merge or are acquired, or dissolve.

Why is there often such a gap between objectives stated in strategic plans and outcomes achieved? The reason frequently that while the firm’s leaders may know what needs to be done, this is often not communicated properly. People don’t know the answers to the questions:

> where and how do we make money today?
> what will likely be different in 3 – 5 years?
> how do we prioritise investments and effort, to bridge that gap?

They don’t know what they need to specifically do, in order to execute the strategy. Objectives remain aspirational rather than targets that are translated into actions plans for business units and individual people.

We can help in many ways, to close the gap between strategy and results. The specific needs vary widely from client to client but some general themes exist. We can help you with the following:

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A NATO manual defines a good mission statement (for air force operations) as being:

  • clear and unambiguous
  • compellingly written
  • high enough resolution for all who need to contribute to success, to know what to do.

The same could easily be said of business strategies. We can help you translate your strategy into a document that ignites firm-wide support for your strategy and action that executes it. Part of this could involve ensuring that objectives are measurable, with clearly defined measures of success.


The need for new knowledge is constant and we can provide a stream of competitive intelligence and other information to enhance your decision-making, issue by issue and project by project. If an issue is sudden and urgent, we can work with you to very quickly get a clear view of your options and how you may need to swiftly change direction to seize a new opportunity or ward off a threat.


It’s lonely at the top. The support of a confidante who is both a skilled coach and familiar with your firm and its strategy can be immensely useful in helping you think through your own business issues and to balance your priorities. Teams as well as individuals can benefit from such coaching.


Where strategy execution requires major change, we can help with every step of the way, supporting your leaders who are driving the change and helping your people to cope.


We can support the development and management of a wide range of firm-wide strategic projects and even embed temporary staff within your teams, when their skill set is only needed for the duration of that project.


Getting strategic objectives broken down into business unite objectives and individual objectives and then building action plans around those at lower levels of the firm. This is crucial to moving strategy from aspirational goals to objectives that are achieved, that drive the firm forward.