Our business model relies on its community of leading independent strategy and business management practitioners, who collaborate with us when doing so is in a client’s best interests.

Our network of firms with whom we actively collaborate includes:

In North America, we recommend and actively collaborate with Blaqwell Inc

In Latin America, we recommend and actively collaborate with Fernando Pelaez

We actively support and work with the following organisations:

In 2019, we provided a mentor for two Law Without Walls (LWOW) teams

In 2018 and 2019, we hosted the London node of the Global Legal Hackathon

We have delivered several workshops and similar events ‘pro bono’ for the East African Law Society

Since our founding in 2012, we have actively supported the IBA, especially the Law Firm Management Committee

To ensure that we remain at the ‘cutting edge’ of emerging knowledge, we and/or our partners individually also maintain subscriptions/memberships of:

Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

International Institute of Strategic Studies

Academy of Management

The Practice (Harvard Law School Centre on the Legal Profession)