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Of mountains and molehills

Some years ago, I was invited by one of the leading Danish law firms to their annual partners conference. We spent a great day together, exploring how the practice and business of law is evolving and how that might impact their firm.

The CX factor
The CX factor

There’s lot of talk at law firms about client relationships. But for many clients these can still seem hollow words based on one-way relationships.

Bridging the expectation gap

There’s a significant gap in what most law firms deliver in terms of client needs and services and the problem for law firms in how to bridge this gap.

A new normal, or the end of normal?
FORESIGHT > 06 May 2020  |   |   |  SIGN UP FOR ALERTS A new normal, or the end of normal? Will life be back to normal in a couple of weeks? Is there a new normal? What does that even mean? In most countries in Asia, Europe and North America, where Covid-19...