Cambridge Strategy Group was founded in 2012 to fill a void that leaders of leading London law firms told us they saw in the market, for a management consulting firm that could deliver services…
  • of the very highest level of quality, similar to that of leading global strategy houses

  • tailored to the specific needs of law and other professional services firms

  • geared towards solving the challenges presented by emerging digital technologies

  • that represented good value for the fees paid.

Delivering this remains our firm’s overarching strategic intent.

We have deep experience in supporting clients making hard strategic decisions and solving difficult, important challenges. Our partners have worked with law firms ranging from amongst the largest, most prestigious in the world to quite modest sized businesses. All receive the same care and attention. Once we accept a firm as a client, we become deeply invested in their success. Some of our clients have come to view us as long-term trusted advisors, even friends.

We have advised on matters as large as the transatlantic merger that gave rise to the largest law firm in the world, or an arms-length assessment of demand for legal services in all markets worldwide, for another leading global law firm. We have advised on developing new governance systems and structures, for instance for a co-branded alliance of firms, on entering new markets, enhancing performance in existing offices, developing compensation systems that align partner behaviour with high performance and strategic needs, supporting practice groups in firms of fewer than 100 lawyers to develop effective business plans. An emerging area of focus is advising on business model transformation, to extract more value from the opportunities presented by emerging digital technologies and also to address the threats that these present. Besides law firms, we have also advised accounting firms and even a regulator responsible for the governance of a special economic zone in the Caribbean region.

Our distinctive structure defines our approach. We maintain a carefully curated network of experts, supported by a central administrative structure. Our partners have worked in some of the world’s leading law firms, some also in corporate legal departments. We focus on matters that require careful attention, deep experience and a sophisticated approach. We limit the number and type of matters we undertake to ensure that our clients receive our best attention.  We collaborate wherever appropriate on matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise to deliver the most innovative, effective solutions.

Our firm’s values are premised upon a strong and effective legal profession being paramount to the maintenance of the rule of law, human rights and economic growth and prosperity, and that well-managed law firms with prescient, client focused strategies are key to achieving that. We see a clear line between the value that we deliver to our clients, and the value that they deliver to society.

We are currently most focused on helping clients solve five key challenges, namely to:

  • make better strategic decisions and implement strategy more effectively
  • ensure that law firm mergers deliver real value, especially to clients
  • understand options and make the best decisions about digital transformation
  • build governance structures that drive both high-performance and collegiality/engagement
  • collaborate with clients to co-produce solutions to challenges that exist between them

Case studies presented encompass the combined experience of those who have been Cambridge Strategy Group partners since the firm was established, including experience from previous firms.